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Your Nuclear Valve Provider

Crane Nuclear manufactures commercial-grade safety-related valves. For more than half a century, we have been the industry-leading provider of nuclear valves to domestic and international nuclear power plants – a status we earned by consistently manufacturing valves that are proven to perform reliably in the most severe environments. 


Our Valve Parts Division provides a complete line of gate, globe, check, butterfly, control, and specialty valves for the nuclear power industry. As a Crane Nuclear customer, you’ll appreciate our wide selection of nuclear grade valves and upgrades, including valves from:

(Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Stop Check Valves, Tilting Disc Check Valves)
(Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Stop Check Valves, Tilting Disc Check Valves)
(Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves, Stop Check Valves, Tilting Disc Check Valves)
(Duo-Chek Dual Plate Check Valves (Formerly Atwood & Morrill Dual Plate / C & S Dual Plate / Clow / Marlin / TRW Mission), Noz-Chek Nozzle Check Valve, Steel, Iron, and Bronze Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and Check Valves
(Stainless Steel Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves
(Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Lift Check Valves, Swing Check Valves, Specialty Process Valves)
(High Performance Butterfly Valves)
(Butterfly Valves)
(Sleeved Plug Valves, Teflon Lined Plug Valves, Tufline High Performance Butterfly Valves)

The Premier Valve Manufacturer for Nuclear Power Plants

Crane Nuclear has earned its reputation as the premier valve manufacturer by providing unmatched products, service, and support. As a Crane Nuclear customer, you'll value our:

  • Manufacturing Expertise: Our 160 years of experience as a valve manufacturer contributed to our design library of original drawings and specifications for thousands of current and earlier nuclear valves and valve parts. The library expedites our ability to provide an exact valve replacement based on the original specifications – meaning the valve can be constructed to perform as intended and offer long, reliable service while eliminating risks.
  • Talented Design Engineers: Our team of engineers provides specialized engineering services for product analysis and technical expertise on existing equipment, upgrades, and retrofits.
  • Quality Assurance Program (QAP): Our QAP program is applied to the design, manufacture, and assembly of our valves, and meets the requirements of 10 CFR 50-Appendix B, 10 CFR-Part 21, ANSI/ASME NQA-1, and the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections III and IX and Article NCA-4000. Additionally, we hold the ASME N-Stamp and the NPT-Stamp.

Experience for yourself the benefits of working with the leading valve manufacturer.


Gate Valves

Gate Valves are available in both bolted bonnet and pressure seal designs with a variety of wedge configurations, including spring loaded parallel slide.

3-Way Globe & Plug Valves

Available in bolted bonnet and pressure seal designs with or without cages in a variety of plug designs.

Check Valves

Select from a wide variety check and stop-check designs in pressure seal or bolted bonnet configurations.

Two Piece Split Body Check Valves

A classic field proven design that provides non-slam closure with low pressure drop.

Specialty Check Valves

Streamlined Noz Chek and compact Duo Chek valves provide non-slam closure with very low pressure drops.

Quarter Turn Valves

Plug valves, top entry ball valves and high performance butterfly valves are available. They go from full closed to full open (or the reverse) with a quarter turn of the input shaft.

Like for Like Valves

Exact duplicate replacements to valves already installed and in service. Made to order based on the original manufacturers’ bills of materials and detail drawings.

Replacement Parts

Our aftermarket nuclear valve parts, produced according to our stringent manufacturing standards and quality assurance program, are available for our valves and actuators.

Engineering Data

Resistance Coefficient K, Equivalent Length L/D, and Flow Coefficient Cv. pressure loss test data for a wide variety of valves and fittings

Globe Valves

Globe Valves

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