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Valve Services

Nuclear valve testing is vital for every nuclear power plant. Just as we lead the industry in valve manufacturing, Crane Nuclear also leads with the newest technology and testing methods. As test equipment and drivers for performing testing evolve, our full-time staff of project managers, engineers, and technicians utilize over 300 years of combined experience to anticipate and fill the needs of nuclear power plants around the world. We provide an integrated valve testing system that reduces the customer’s implementation costs for multi-valve test capabilities by offering a wide range of sensor options and experienced service support. 


Crane Application Story

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Additionally, our expertise is enhanced through continual training and qualification programs, ensuring we constantly remain mindful of the latest technological advances, regulatory requirements, and testing methodologies.


Nuclear Valve Maintenance


Crane Nuclear performs preventative and predictive maintenance services, and advanced diagnostic testing on valves and electric motors of all manufacturer types. Our proven techniques reduce utilization of resources by using non-intrusive technology (NIT), when appropriate, to reduce the total time and man-rem exposure associated with the required valve systems. Our testing capabilities include:


Motor operated valves

  • Static testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Remote testing from the motor control center
  • Motor control center

Air operated valves

  • Baseline
  • Hysterisis
  • Dead band
  • Repeatability
  • Linearity
  • Standard step response
  • Sensitivity
  • Resolution
  • Frequency response

Check valves

  • Stroke test
  • Stable Flow test
  • Analysis designed to eliminate unnecessary disassembly of check valves with three non-intrusive diagnostic technologies (acoustics, ultrasonics, and eddy current)


We operate under a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program, in compliance with 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B requirements, and we are a NUPIC Audited Supplier.


Comprehensive Valve Services for Nuclear Power Plants


Crane Nuclear is the industry-leading provider of valve maintenance and repair services. Our process-driven solution inclusive of pre-outage and post-outage activities cover every detail, allowing plants to remain prepared for any situation. And by offering actuator and valve maintenance along with testing, we provide an integrated valve service that is affordable and backed by a warranty.


At Crane Nuclear, we do more than simply provide valve maintenance personnel. Our superior project management, engineering, and training, which are all backed by our quality assurance program, combine to deliver unparalleled on-site nuclear valve and actuator maintenance, repair, modification, and refurbishment for manual, motor-operated, safety, safety relief, control, and check valves. 


Plus, all field service activities can be complemented with the use of our fully equipped Mobile Machining Centers, which are stainless steel lined units equipped with the cleaning, lapping, milling, and welding machines, drill presses, lathes, grinders, and tooling necessary to perform full on-site restorations of both clean and contaminated valve and actuator components. 


As a Crane Nuclear client, you’ll appreciate:

  • Pre-Outage Services: Review nuclear valve maintenance history and develop procedures to ensure up-to-date repair methodology is implemented to maximize productivity while conforming to the availability of the system windows.
  • Outage Services: Manage valve or actuator repair or refurbishment including necessary in-line machining, ASME Section IX welding, and pressure seal gasket fabrication. Importantly, our professionals maintain:
    • NR Certificate of Authorization to repair or replace Class I, II, or III line valves and pressure relief devices.
    • VR Certificate of Authorization to repair or replace ASME Section I, III, & VIII safety and safety relief valves.
  • Post-Outage Services: After an outage, Crane Nuclear personnel update NPRDS and plant maintenance history, as well as provide work package closure.


Quality Assurance


CRANE Nuclear, Inc. holds ASME Authorization for “N” Stamped Class 1, 2 and 3 valves and “NPT” Class 1, 2 and 3 parts and materials. “NR” repairs, modifications and replacements of Class 1, 2 and 3 valves and piping are provided under National Board Certificates. Activities are controlled under the CRANE Nuclear Quality Assurance Manual, to the requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, ANSI N45.2, and the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections III and IX and Article NCA-4000. CRANE Nuclear’s QA Program is regularly audited by NUPIC and additionally by NSSS suppliers and other nuclear customers.


Nuclear Power Plant Actuator Services


At Crane Nuclear, we value performance and reliability. That’s why only certified personnel experienced in actuator and valve maintenance perform repairs – getting it right the first time, guaranteed. Our nuclear power plant repair and refurbishment actuator services include:


  • Determ, removal, disassembly, and cleaning
  • Mechanical and electrical inspection
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts
  • Installation of new grease, gaskets, and seals
  • Reassembly, installation, and reterm


Repairs are completed on-site in our refurbishment trailers, which are equipped with all the necessities for performing complete on-site actuator refurbishments (i.e. multiple work stations, motor control centers, specialized actuator tools, fastener kits, hoists, greasing stations, and tooling, etc.). Managing specialty repairs in our mobile units allows us to respond quickly and reduce the reliance on plant machine shop resources during outage periods, thereby minimizing the impact on the outage schedule.


Nuclear Valve Program Development


The Crane Nuclear operations group is responsible for supporting the implementation of utility valve related programs including motor-operated valves (MOVs), air-operated valves (AOVs), and check valves (CVs), as well as related engineering services.


Crane Nuclear is the domestic and international leading supplier of comprehensive valve services, and has supplied personnel to support U.S. and international plants with program reviews, thrust calculations, setpoint determination, database development, diagnostic testing, and maintenance services for the repair and reconditioning of valves and actuators.


We have worked with innovative nuclear utilities to develop technology that will significantly reduce the cost and outage resource impact normally associated with valve testing. Also, we have been able to obtain regulatory support for the technology and processes used.


Valve Engineering


Superior Performance from Design Implementation


Our ongoing history of valve design, manufacture, and program development enables us to solve design, application, and maintenance problems while enhancing plant performance and lowering costs. 


Through our partnerships and alliances, we also have the ability to perform system analysis, risk assessment and nuclear plant safety evaluations. Broad-based, valve-focused engineering talent, working in our valve flow loop and motor testing facilities, can deal with matters ranging from specific valve design issues to programmatic application of valve engineering methodologies and technologies.


Superior Valve Engineering for Nuclear Power Plants


As a Crane Nuclear valve engineering client, you'll value:


  • Valve design engineering
  • Stress analysis and metallurgy
  • Application design
  • Seismic qualification
  • Thrust or torque calculations (EPRI PPM qualified for flow tested valves)
  • Actuator sizing
  • Valve program development
  • Root cause analysis
  • Structural/weak link analysis
  • Risk ranking
  • System design basis analysis
  • Custom data base programming
  • Custom test programs
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Test data analysis
  • Program assessments
  • Licensing support


Calibration & Repair Services for Nuclear Power Plants


As the original equipment manufacturer, Crane Nuclear stands behind every product for the long-term. Consequently, we offer expert calibration and repair services for all of our valve diagnostic systems, sensors, and transducers. Peripherals for these systems are also available, including parts and equipment for spring pack monitoring, load cells, and torque thrust cells. 


As a Crane Nuclear calibration client, you’ll value our:


  • Guaranteed accuracy of each service through system functionality testing
  • Technical assistance
  • One-week expedited service
  • Emergency service
  • Attention to detail and guaranteed results. All our calibration services meet NRC requirements and ASME standards for recalibration, as well as program requirements such as:
    • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
    • ANSI N45.2 Calibration requirements of MIL-STD-45662A.


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