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Crane Nuclear provides the industry with diagnostic capabilities that are second to none.  As a leading provider of valve services, we realize that the integrity of your data depends on the quality of your diagnostic equipment.  That’s why we designed the nuclear industry’s first portable valve data acquisition system, and we haven't stopped innovating since.  Every generation of valve diagnostic systems designed and manufactured by Crane Nuclear represented a significant improvement over the previous one, and our latest system is no exception.  In June 2010, we launched the VOTES® Infinity Valve Diagnostic System for AOV and MOV, followed by the system for check valves in August.  Smaller, faster, and more accurate, Infinity is unquestionably the industry’s leading valve test system, supplemented by a wide range of system peripherals.  The benefit to our customers is the ability to efficiently isolate valve, actuator and motor problems and provide effective solutions in less time, with less effort, while deploying fewer resources.


The Most Powerful Valve Diagnostic Tools in the Nuclear Industry


When Crane Nuclear designed the first portable valve data acquisition system for the nuclear industry over twenty years ago, we set in motion our course of innovation that continues to this day.  We realize that regulatory requirements and demanding work environments drive a need for accurate and effective valve test equipment.  That is why the Crane Nuclear offering of valve test systems, software, and peripherals leads the industry.  


VOTES® Infinity Valve Diagnostic System performs analyses of motor-operated, air-operated, and check valves. Its size, ease of setup, wireless communication capability, and patent-pending ASSIST™ Technology dramatically reduces the time spent at the valve, and simplifies the data collection and analysis process.  


 nuC™ Force Sensor delivers optimum thrust measurement accuracy and stability with an all new circuit body and element design.  The design features a tight, radial profile which fits into tight yoke configurations.  This allows for use in applications where other stem-mounted sensors fail.  The product line offers a range of sizes designed to fit stem diameters from 0.25” to 2.25” and can be mounted on either the unthreaded portion of a valve stem or on the threaded area of single and double lead stems.  


Easy Torque Thrust (ETT)™ Mounted on the valve stem, the Easy Torque-Thrust Sensor captures the data in both open and closed directions for the entire length of the valve stroke. The sensor captures stem thrust data—plus torque data through a single cable that attaches directly to the diagnostic system.


Torque Thrust Cell (TTC) The Torque Thrust Cell (TTC) is uniquely designed for in-place testing of rising stem, torque producing motor-operated valves (MOVs). The TTC directly measures both forces simultaneously throughout the entire valve stroke. Its proven design utilizes a radial shear web structure with a series of strain gages to determine MOV performance, operability, and stem factor.


VIPER 20 Diagnostic System performs analyses of motor-operated valves, pneumatic valves, check valves, and motors. Its flexible and powerful monitoring capabilities combine with efficiency and ease of use to deliver reliable nuclear valve testing. The Viper 20 has 20 channels that can be configured for various types of applications.


Crane Nuclear’s wide array of sensors, peripherals, and software are powerful valve solutions to the rigorous demands of the nuclear industry.  For more information on other products not featured here, please contact us at info@cranevs.com and let us specify a solution that fits your application.



VOTES® Infinity Valve Diagnostic System

Performs analyses of motor-operated, air-operated, and check valves, with wireless communication capability

Calibration Systems

Crane Clamp Calibration System (CCS) provides the ability for users to calibrate CRANE Nuclear C/D Clamps or nuC™ Sensors at their facilities


CRANE Nuclear offers a wide array of sensors and peripherals needed for all your valve diagnostic needs for AOV, MOV and Check Valves.

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